The Hollywood of Roman Polanski Tour

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Roman Polanski photographed by Robert Wolański in Paris, 2013

This is an original tour tailored to exploring the life and poignant experiences of infamous film director Roman Polanski.

The enigmatic figure to whom fate has doled out equal portions of talent, success and tragedy continues to perplex, fascinate, incite controversy and fuel extreme emotions in the press, political arena, public eye and his own industry.

Elena Alexandra, whose formal education is in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA, CMHC), and who has also been a long-time student and practitioner of homeopathy, has been intrigued with this subject matter for over a decade, studying the mind and work of this unique character in our collective consciousness.

As part of her exploration into the burning questions of the human psyche and pathways to finding solutions, in recent years Elena has been avidly researching and writing about arts, culture and exceptional individuals, with a special focus on classical ballet, her life’s passion on her blog site The Elite Palate.

Elena believes that ballet is a tool which can serve as a powerful instrument in shaping a healthy Identity in young people, allowing them to get in touch with their innate talents and thus opening the doorway to a meaningful career path and personal fulfillment.

Elena at San Francisco Ballet in December 2019

Interestingly enough, Roman Polanski took up this very activity (ballet) during the time of his trial in Los Angeles as he recounts in his autobiography.

Elena is joined by her non-profit co-founder, Lana David to guide you in this original, private tour on Tesla and look forward to sharing this truly unique adventure with you! 

... look forward to sharing this unique experience with you!!!

Elena & Lana

pictured here is our friend Jackiee who is making great strides in her journey from foster youth to self-sustained adult, and has worked with TFG on learning to become a voice for young people with similar challenges looking for guidance