Ballet & Identity

Maria Shirinkina, soloist of Mariinsky Ballet and principal dancer in Munich, Germany

Project Overview.

This project is about identity formation through an education in the principles underlying the art and science of classical ballet.

Classical dance as it is taught throughout the world today, is largely based on a system rooted in Russian culture, devised by the great ballet master Agrippina Vaganova, and spread throughout the world by generations of her students.  

We, the creators of this project, are very much connected with the subject and would like to make this information widely accessible through a compelling educational video series. 

The introductory videos of our series will serve as a part of the immersion experience into the exquisite world of ballet and performing arts for people visiting us from all over the world.

Ballet & Identity. Part 1 of 2.

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Ballet & Identity. Part 2 of 2: The Legacy.

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The Project.

Elevate your Life with an educational video-series and immersion experience focused on creating a healthy YOU.

You will learn about principles that develop core strength, confidence, unlock creativity, and empower your ability to succeed in your chosen field through the mecca of culture, science and arts known as classical ballet.

Groundbreaking ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev

The First Guild is in the process of developing a series of sessions, each one to focus on principle(s) presented through portraits of influential and iconic figures from the world of classical ballet as well as practical guidelines for bringing this into your own life.

This project is a multi-layered exploration of a subject which, going forward, will involve interviews, visual demonstrations with professionals in the field, and visits to places connected with this high art form.