Skateboard Maven’s Nod to Powerful Role of Ballet in a Post-Apocalyptic Era

Elena Alexandra | The First Guild | March 18, 2021

Champion Skateboard Pro Jessy Jean Bart in a photo by Félix Renaud

Award-winning photographer Félix Renaud features major skateboard talent Jessy Jean Bart in a blatant portrait of a post-apocalyptic world.

The term “Post-Apocalyptique” really resonates (résonne vraiment!!) in this photo spread.

An evocative capture of a world of ‘nowhere’ where aloneness and a haunting emptiness pervades humanity.

The imagery brazenly depicts the dimensional void we find ourselves in… where outdated beliefs and values that once held a world together have been obliterated because they no longer work, and where we predominantly find ourselves surrounded by lost souls. 

Both Félix Renaud and Jessy Jean Bart are able to go there – and that really strikes a chord.

Where do we go from here?


I believe that it is our PURPOSE to build a new, strong world based on integration of our qualities, resulting in a regenerative radiance at its core. This world starts with ourselves.

It is a world where we know who we are, where we have our Identity. 

To build this, we need a tool. Ballet is that tool.

Ballet has already shown its capacity to unearth our qualities and shape our mind-body system from a state of chaos into a vehicle of pure, creative expression, producing exceptional individuals who have literally shown us flight of the human spirit.

But thus far, our relationship to ballet has been limited by our definition of the coveted path to greatness as a “haute art” – which, make no mistake – it is!  But it is so much more.

Seen through a broader spectrum, Ballet is the bridge to take us from one world to another, to a new version of ourselves, awakening us to our real potentials for greatness by activating our innate qualities. 

Jessy’s mom, a classically-trained dancer whom he credits for instilling his fierce driving force, talks about the timelessness aspect of ballet’s deeply-rooted qualities to power her career:
“Ballet did give me the tools for having longevity in my dance,” attests Natasha Jean-Bart.

Dancer or not:
Opening and defining our focus, order, balance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, mobility, and ultimately, unlocking the integrity of the mind-body unit, Ballet may be the most powerful learning instrument we have on the planet.

Let’s make use of it!

Champion Skateboard Pro Jessy Jean Bart in a photo by Award-Winning photographer Félix Renaud

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