Ballet & Identity

This project is about identity formation through an education in the principles underlying the art and science of ballet.

Classical dance as it is taught throughout the world today, is based on a system rooted in Russian culture, devised by the mother of classical ballet, A. Vaganova, and spread throughout the world by generations of her students.  Read more…

The Academy

The mission of TFG Academy is to train young people to develop a strong and healthy identity through the principles inherent within the structure of classical dance.

In order to achieve this we’re working to establish a private middle school, the prototype for which is the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, a place which has long been a cradle for world-renowned individuals  … more to come soon!


The Book

This story was originally written in 2006 for the staging of Broadway-cast dance productions El Corazon del Tango (2006) and Tango Adamor (2008)  and put into choreography by Broadway icon Miriam Larici.  The goal of these productions was to raise autism awareness and change the outlook on autism.

Within the next ten years, the story expanded into the archetypal fairytale The Puzzle of the Tall Tower.