Off with the old and on with the new… that’s how yesterday started.

Lana on her way… Jeff and I sat down to commence our lunch meeting at an LA Indian dive called Chandni to discuss the direction of our premiere event. The ‘winds of change’ already in the air for the last few days took just a few moments to be realized.

Our inevitable change of course came with a release that literally felt like the taking off of an old skin, or the falling off of a dried-up scab.

The amazing thing about it is that it felt easy. That’s how good it feels to take off something that doesn’t fit instead of trying to make it fit — doesn’t matter if it’s a coat, a partner or a way of seeing.


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Eventually Lana joined us and we spent the rest of our time immersed in the various applications of our Match-A-Friend model, a model rooted in an over 200 year-old principle of ‘matching similars’.

The immersion extended into our afternoon’s work on our new website and watching documentaries which infused Jeff with a deeper understanding of our organization’s rich history and projects.

Back to the now, and our ‘Match-A-Friend Open Mic’ event planning, we dug up our old acoustic guitar left unused for more than 20 years and with no convincing whatsoever had our uninhibited, poetically inclined new friend perform a few of his original songs – though not before giving our forsaken instrument a tune up with, what else but an app.

After a considerably productive day, we were on our way to give our injured teammate a lift back to his place. On the ride back, Jeff told us about his housemates, or as he calls them ‘buddies’. Like himself, all talented, all with creative potential, all caught in the flames of a fire the world has no answer for. How do we creatively channel our energy and turn it into gold?

Therein lies the answer to finding ourselves, finding our identity.
Our mission is exactly this.

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