Santa Monica-LAX: Bus 3 and 3R

Ride Big Blue Bus from/to LAX

Route 3 and Rapid 3 offer the most inexpensive way to and from LAX $1.25 (single trip)

Big Blue Bus Route 3 runs seven days a week; Rapid 3 runs on weekdays only, from downtown Santa Monica to LAX. 

BUS 3 route and schedule:

RAPID 3  route and schedule:

Coming from LAX to Santa Monica by Bus 3 or 3R

Trip takes about one hour – Exit at 5th street and Arizona Ave (last stop), which is 3 blocks from us. 

NOTE: But R3 bus does not stop right at LAX – you will need to take a C-Shuttle to Bus 3 or R3 (One stop)


Here are the details: 

1) At LAX wait outside under the BLUE LAX SHUTTLE SIGN and board free C SHUTTLE; 

2) Exit C SHUTTLE at the first stop (? check with bus driver) and walk over to the LAX CITY BUS TRANSIT CENTER; 

3) Go to BAY 12;

4) Take “SANTA MONICA BUS 3 or RAPID R3”; 

The trip takes about one hour.

Coming to LAX from Santa Monica by Bus 3 or 3R

Route 3 and Rapid 3 will drop you off at the LAX CITY BUS CENTER; 

At LAX CITY BUS CENTER follow the sign “FREE SHUTTLE TO LAX” where you can catch the shuttle directly to your terminal (Lot South/City Bus Center Shuttle)

The shuttle (shuttle C – one stop from Bus Center to LAX) runs approximately every 15-20 minutes and operates seven days a week.

BUS STOPS is at 4th street (corner of Wilshire Ave.), just one block from us. 

Give yourself about 3.5 hours if you use the bus