Hiking to Hollywood Sign

Santa Monica Guide: Hiking

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign (formerly the Hollywoodland Sign) is an American landmark and cultural icon overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. It is situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. 

“HOLLYWOOD” is spelled out in 45-foot (13.7 m)-tall white capital letters and is 350 feet (106.7 m) long.The sign was originally created in 1923 as a temporary advertisement for a local real estate development, but due to increasing recognition, the sign was left up.

The sign has been a frequent target of pranks and vandalism across the decades, but it has since undergone restoration, including the installation of a security system to deter vandalism.The sign is protected and promoted by The Hollywood Sign Trust, a nonprofit organization, while its site and the surrounding land are part of Griffith Park.


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Hiking to Hollywood Sign with Ranger Ted


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