We believe that the backbone of every successful business is the education in the Principles of Aesthetics. Paul J. Gette, one of the richest men in the world, was transfixed by aesthetics. In this short (5min) video TFG, founder Elena Alexandra is presenting the Introduction to Aesthetics in the Paul Getty Villa in Malibu, CA.

Awareness about food plays a huge role in the Art of Conscious Living. Introducing our Signature Green Smoothies.

Introducing the principle of Synergy through a demonstration of a vegetable saute that combines colors, flavors and textures that form a beautiful and delicious dish.

We want to bring aesthetics into everything that we do. In this video TFG founder E. Alexandra explains the importance of organization through the preparation of French style crepes.

TFG founders are developing an inspirational course for youth geared to teach qualities through the fundamentals of classical dance. The first four sessions are to be released in January 2017. Subscribe to our list to be notified.

COMING UP in January, 2017!
COURSE: Building Identity in Youth through the Fundamentals of Classical Dance
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