Check-in Details


1044 4th street, unit 106, Santa Monica, CA 90403

LINKS TO CHECK-IN VIDEOS (appr. 30 sec each)

1) Come to the building door of 1044 4th street (it is the SIDE ENTRY of our building).

2) Press # (pound sign) on the KEYPAD to the right of the building door. You will hear the tone.

3) After the tone, ENTER 106 (one-zero-six) on the KEYPAD.

4) The host will answer the phone (via our mobile) and will unlock the building door for you.


5) When you hear the buzzing sound, open the door, walk up stairs to the lobby, walk through the corridor, and find unit 106.


6) UNIT 106 door uses a code instead of a key.

7) Enter the 4-DIGIT CODE that was sent to you – enter slowly making sure that each button lits with green light.

8) Then PRESS the big oval button right above the numbers – it will lit with green light and you will hear the buzzing sound as door unlocks.

9) Give it a moment to unlock and open the door (the door is a bit heavy and may need a stronger push).

The Host will meet you inside the condo, will give you a short welcome tour and the keys (from the building door and from your room)

Call Host’s mobile (1) 310-717-6336 if needed.

If you misplaced or lost the keys

You can retrieve the building key from our KEY BOX. The KEY BOXES are mounted on the wall next to the garage gate. Ours is the first from the left.  

Click this link for the instructions.