Champion Skateboard Pro devotes himself to the ultimate cause:

Elevating the human condition.

by Elena Alexandra

Ballet & Identity Program Creator | March 3, 2021

Photo cred: Julien Grimard

Jessy Jean Bart is no stranger to empowering youth – starting with himself.  The skate pro has been on a journey of self-actualization from his earliest years, forging his own pathway in a world where none existed in response to his needs.

The athlete who skates and lives on the edge, is joining forces with a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization devoted to building Identity in youth.

Jessy and The First Guild are teaming up to innervate the educational system with a breakthrough program utilizing classical ballet as a development tool to build qualities and integrity in young people — all this aimed to bring direction and purpose to their life.

With over a decade spent teaching his craft to kids in public schools of Canada, now JJB is offering skate classes in LA with proceeds to benefit development and promotion of his joint venture with The First Guild, namely the Ballet & Identity program.

JJB is invested in this groundbreaking initiative to help shape the future of youth and encourages them to enroll in a program he truly believes in.

Working with young people involved in Ballet & Identity will give them an edge over those who are not trained in the powerful mind-body learning module, enabling Jessy to take his coaching to new heights while increasing the safety factor of his students.

Another component of the program will involve martial arts training, of which he himself is a proponent, experiencing its benefits first-hand.  Combined with a broad-minded approach to classical ballet which teaches young people to develop their innate qualities of focus, order, balance, presence, connection and more, the results are sure to revolutionize our view on education.

Jessy is an athlete and artist who brings an over-the-top level of passion and experience to his sport, so go for it — sign up for a skate class & go to a place you’ve never been before!

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