Ballet & Identity The Project. This project is about identity formation through an education in the principles underlying the art and science of classical ballet. A subject only available to an elite and privileged few, The First Guild is now adapting this knowledge into a school program that can reach many. The program will teach […]

the Hollywood of roman polanski tour – chinatown – Robert McKey – transcription

Robert McKee introduces Chinatown From the Filmworks season, broadcast 2nd April 1994 Chinatown began as a screenplay by Robert Town based on true stories his father told him about a scandal involving the water supply to the city of Los Angeles. The script took years to write as Town did tremendous research, not only […]


Documenting the Evolution of Match-A-Friend Through the Heart of Tango (2012) In 2012, Elena & Lana, the founders of Autism Unites (then called Dance Into Unity, Inc.), developed a series of workshops called “Through the Heart of Tango” where they matched up young adults with special needs to neurotypical young adults and taught them […]