The story of Agrippina Vaganova Far from the iconic image of a ‘ballet dancer’ herself, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century single-handedly created the system which serves as the foundation of classical ballet as we know it today. The 10-year old girl from a poor family who would be considered an […]

On Writing Habits – John Steinbeck

by Kiefer Conrad, MailPoet The Importance of Writing Habits for Content Creators: Advice from John Steinbeck  Even if you’re not a big reader, you’ve probably heard of the American writer John Steinbeck. Born in 1902, Steinbeck wrote some of the defining novels of the American Great Depression era, including The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and […]

On Writing – Ernest Hemingway

by Kiefer Conrad, MailPoet Ernest Hemingway was a writer’s writer – even today, he is still widely admired for his thoughts on the art and science of writing. His novels The Sun Also Rises, The Old Man and the Sea, and For Whom the Bell Tolls are all considered classics of American literature. Unlike many other […]

Community: Autism & Employment: One Person’s Story

Introduction by Lana David This story was published by Autism Research Institute’s Autistic Global Initiative eBulletin July 2016 issue. The subject of employment and autism is one of The First Guild’s main concerns. Mike, who is the ahe author of this blog, has an asperger, which is a spectrum of autism. In this blog, Mike […]

Voice of Soul

It is obvious that the skinny little Brit girl with the force of a voice akin to that of Aretha Franklin, raw honesty of a Janis Joplin and depth of emotional evocativeness reminiscent to that of Nina Simone, was not just a person, but a channel of something much greater: A Truth. A Truth spanning […]

House of the Burning Sun

HOUSE OF THE BURNING SUN Off with the old and on with the new… that’s how yesterday started. Lana on her way… Jeff and I sat down to commence our lunch meeting at an LA Indian dive called Chandni to discuss the direction of our premiere event. The ‘winds of change’ already in the air […]


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