Building our School

Our vision is to create a unique school which teaches classical ballet, with the goal of guiding students to connect with their innate qualities and find their natural mode of expression. This process is the road to discovering one’s Identity.

Students will be introduced to and set forth on the path to discovering their Identity through:

(1) the study and understanding of classical dance (aka ballet)

(2) theatre and stage craft

(3) the study of Identity through exploration of exceptional individuals in the world of ballet and related realms of arts & culture

Candidates for this school are young people ages 8 plus, who are naturally inclined towards classical dance and related arts – and/or – those who are not able to thrive in the traditional educational system and interested in the opportunity to learn through another method.

Our goal is to develop our school’s program as a model for the “Ballet & Identify” curriculum to be used by schools worldwide.

The Importance of Vaganova Ballet Method

The Vaganova method is the cornerstone of our school because it is the foundation of using the body and movement of the body, to acquire a deep-rooted sense of discipline, order, strength, balance, harmony and integrity.

The Vaganova classical method of ballet does so, as it employs each part of the body, working it in such a way that the whole system functions as one unit.

Through our unique lens, the Vaganova system is taken to new heights where there is a more conscious understanding and approach to what one is learning and why.

Therefore, first and foremost in this school is the Vaganova classical ballet method, with which the students will begin each and every day.

please visit back as we develop this initiative!