Having founded the non-profit organization Dance Into Unity, Inc. (2006) which brought awareness to Autism reaching over 6,000 people through performing arts venues featuring Argentine Tango Broadway-cast stage productions in the theaters of LA and an award-winning documentary film “Through the Heart of Tango” in collaboration with Joey Travolta’s Inclusion Films, our organization came to be known as Autism Unites, Inc. in 2014.

Now we are moving onto encompass a broader population of young adults from all walks of life, focusing on healthy identity formation through conscious living and shaping of our environment inspired by our experience with the model Match-A-Friend and the Art-of-Connection. (visit our History page!)

Our current organization, The First Guild, is dedicated to a most important aspect of the human journey: discovering our Identity. We approach this goal through an education in the principles inherent within the structure of Classical Ballet.

Elena Alexandra & Lana David