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The First Guild

Project: The First Guild

craft your identity.

A Guild is about learning a craft. The First Guild is about learning to craft yourself, to craft your identity.

The goal of the project: The First Guild (TFG) is to create a model that can help young people with difficulty in the traditional educational system, to acquire the mental, emotional and entrepreneurial skills necessary to make a successful transition from youth to adulthood.

Our pilot group will target at-risk youth (ages 14+) slipping through the cracks of the traditional system, unlikely to succeed in transitioning to adulthood based on conventionally accepted standards.

These program candidates are likely dealing with a range of behaviours that need to be addressed beyond just verbal communication, through tools (such as Jiu-Jitsu) that can help to detox the system and re-channel such energy constructively. Without such a method, and without a program that addresses the root of the problem, namely identity formation, the number of young people likely to become lost will continue to escalate.

TFG Project will focus on a one to two years transitional program with visible changes expected to occur in our students after just the first year, including positive changes in emotional state, ability to express more constructively, development of entrepreneurial skills, and overall connection with one’s creative abilities, i.e. identity formation.

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Our History

First Guild started its history in 2006 as Dance Into Unity raising autism awareness. In 2014 the name was changed to Autism Unites. In 2016, The First Guild was born!
The logo of The First Guild depicts the Match-A-Friend guiding principle based on “Similia Similibus Curantur” (Law of Similars) founded by the renowned chemist and physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.


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