building Identity in youth

The Mission of The First Guild (TFG) is to build strong Identity in youth using the system of classical ballet.

We define Identity as a state of an individual who can integrate and creatively express our innate qualities of Focus, Order, Balance, Strength, Flow, Presence. Classical ballet training demands the integration and expression of these qualities. Connecting with Identity opens a Life of Purpose. A Life of Purpose means discovering, expressing and sharing our unique beauty with the world.

Currently TFG is working on the Ballet & Identity© (B&I) program in collaboration with the community and highly-regarded professionals to make it available to the public in 2021.

See our revealing interview with Jessy Jean Bart on finding your Identity

Pro Skateboarder Jessy Jean Bart Talks About The Power Of Ballet To Change A Kid’s Life

"Ballet is probably the most powerful thing that could happen to the school system. I truly believe that."

- Jessy Jean Bart

Champion Pro Skateboarder Jessy Jean Bart

Jessy is a Champion Skateboarding Pro who wants to coach Ballet-trained Youth

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Ballet & Identity TALK SERIES 2020

The Power of a Ballet Education:

Acclaimed writer and ballet historian Elizabeth Kaye talks to one the last three dancers chosen by George Balanchine for his company New York City Ballet, about discovering our Identity through the powerful instrument of classical ballet.

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“To me, ballet is just the most wonderful thing in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or not, but just studying it, studying a formal classical art is like the best gift any parent can give their child.”

Sheila Rozann, Ballet Teacher

Sheila was recognized for her excellence in teaching by George Balanchine.

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